Nutrition and Weight Management


With the help of Ellen Maulbeck-Levine and Nutrametrix, Yee Medicine and Pediatrics Associates has started a program on nutrition and weight management that involves seminars given at both offices to introduce proper nutrition and healthy nutritional supplementation. 

If you are interested in learning more about this, please see Dr. Yee or any staff member of the offices. You can also contact Ellen Maulbeck-Levine directly at (973) 610 - 9909 for more information. A simple packaged product named TLS 21-Day Challenge Kit is available by clicking the following: TLS-21


You can browse and order the different products that can help better your diet, manage weight and improve your energy level at Nutrimetrix's website which can be accessed via the following link: Nutrametrix

The science behind Nutrametrix products is in its formulation. All of these supplements come in powder or liquid form. This allows them to be easily mixed. More importantly, the formulation allows them to be easily and efficiently absorbed so that you get the most out of each product. There are no fillers and there is no need for them to be dissolved before they can be absorbed. More importantly, they taste great and this is a plus for kids and adults.

One of the most popular products is Ultimate Aloe. It comes in various flavors and can be taken alone or mixed with other Nutrametrix products such as multivitamins, calcium complete, and Vitamin D. 

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