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Diabetes affects roughly 10% of Americans — that includes adults and children. With his expertise in adult and pediatric diabetes management, Sau Yan Yee, MD, of Yee Medicine and Pediatric Associates can help you take control of your case of diabetes. Dr. Yee and his highly skilled team offer comprehensive diabetes care in the Wyckoff and Englewood, New Jersey, clinic locations. Click on the online scheduler to book your exam or call either office directly.

Diabetes Q & A

Why do I have diabetes?

Diabetes is an umbrella term that describes several conditions that affect your body’s ability to use glucose, also known as blood sugar. Glucose is the primary fuel source for the trillions of cells in your body. Cells absorb essential glucose with the help of a specialized hormone called insulin, which is secreted by your pancreas.

The reason you have diabetes depends on what’s affected. For instance, if your pancreas can’t produce insulin, you have Type 1 diabetes. This is also known as juvenile diabetes since it tends to develop at an early age because of inherited traits or severe infection.

Alternatively, it’s possible that your body does produce insulin, but your body becomes resistant to it, or you just don’t have adequate levels of insulin. This is Type 2 diabetes. In most cases, Type 2 diabetes is linked to being overweight, although genetic factors can play a role, too.

Other times, your risk of developing Type 1, Type 2, or another form of diabetes is high because of pregnancy, older age, or even your race. Hispanic, Asian-American, and American Indian cultures have higher incidences of diabetes.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

While diabetes does cause symptoms and side effects, they’re very generic and you might not even realize you have an issue. Common issues associated with diabetes and high blood sugar levels include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Delayed healing
  • Frequent infections
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Increased thirst and urination

You might also find that you have a ravenous appetite. This tends to occur because your body is trying to tell you that your cells need glucose. Even though plenty of glucose is probably circulating throughout your bloodstream, without effective insulin, you just can’t absorb it.

How is diabetes treated?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that you’re going to have to manage throughout your lifetime. With the help of Dr. Yee and the team at Yee Medicine and Pediatric Associates, you can get personalized diabetes treatment planning that’s best suited to your specific case of diabetes, as well as your lifestyle.

With Type 1 diabetes and with some cases of Type 2 diabetes, you need insulin. You can either take self-administered insulin injections throughout the day or request an insulin pump that delivers insulin automatically into your bloodstream.

Your diabetes treatment plan from Yee Medicine and Pediatric Associates may also include:

  • Weight loss counseling
  • Dietary and nutrition management
  • Personalized physical activity planning
  • Drugs to boost insulin sensitivity
  • Medications to inhibit the release of glucose

Rest assured, at Yee Medicine and Pediatric Associates, you have a dedicated team on your side to get the comprehensive diabetes care you need.

If you need help managing your diabetes, schedule an appointment at Yee Medicine and Pediatric Associates right away. Book online or over the phone with either office.